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Gemini Steemers Carpet Cleaning . Edmonton

* Spot and spill removal left untreated, and allowed to dry, spills can quickly become unsightly, difficult to remove, and may cause permanent discoloration in the carpet. Spills therefore should be reported immediately, and treated as quickly as possible. Quick action may remove the spilled substance before it penetrates into the carpet, and when tackled immediately, 95% of a liquid spill may be removed without the use of detergent.


Always try first to determine what has caused the spot, since it will help in deciding what type of spot remover to use. The majority of spills are easily removed with water and a microfiber towel. When removing spots, the following points should be taken into consideration:

• The sooner a spot is removed, the better the result will be.
• Always work from the edge of the spot inwards. The following steps should be followed:

1. Remove as much of the spilled material as possible with a spoon, and carefully blot up liquids with a white or undyed cloth or microfiber towel or paper tissue.

2. Apply the spot remover with a cloth. Do not pour it directly onto the spot.

3. Give the spot remover time to work in on the spot.

4. Blot the spot carefully until dry with an undyed cloth or microfiber towel, paper tissue or kitchen roll. Never rub or brush.

5. Then you may apply some of the different carpet cleaning powders that are available for professional use. Or you may use some paper towels. Pack it on the spot. Allow the area to dry. This will remove any residues of the spot material and the spot remover that you used. When the area is dry, vacuum (repeat if necessary).

* Specific stains and items such as chewing gum, wax or tar cannot be successfully removed without the use of special chemicals and techniques. Always be sure to use a pH-neutral product, since products with a high pH-value will create new stains if not removed thoroughly and immediately after use. For more difficult stains, commercial machines are highly recommended. They can be used during the regular pile lifting/vacuuming procedures to remove difficult spots and spills.


A quick and easy approach to spot removal can be accomplished with specially designed brushes. Common stains, as stated above, most common (water-based) stains can be removed by using a clean white (cotton) cloth or absorbent paper (without print) and lukewarm water. Other (oil-based) stains should be treated with an appropriate carpet cleaning agent. It is always recommended to remove stains as quickly as possible by following the instructions on the container and by testing it on a concealed part of the floor.


In all cases repeat treatments where required until the stains are removed (always avoiding excessive rubbing). Coffee/Tea/Soda/Wine First remove as much excess moisture as possible with a clean white (cotton) cloth or absorbent paper. Take another white cloth, moistened with lukewarm water to clean the last remaining spillage from the outside in (avoid rubbing and excessive use of water). Leave the carpet to fully dry and repeat this if necessary (possibly with an appropriate carpet cleaning agent). Food/Fruit Remove all remaining parts with a spoon (or equivalent blunt object) and follow the instructions as with coffee/tea/soda/ wine. If residues of the stain remain the procedure can be repeated with an appropriate carpet cleaning agent.

* Chewing gum is best removed by freezing it and gently breaking it away from the fibers, using a dull knife or spoon. Do not try solvents that will dissolve the gum, since a very sticky problem may result. For best results use a specialist chewing gum removal product. Always follow the instructions on the container. Toner/Paint/Glue Leave the stain to dry and remove any dry compound remaining with a spoon (or equivalent). Use a carpet cleaning spot removal product on a clean white cloth and treat the remaining stain. 

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