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Removing paint, varnish & old finish from your floors!


Are your vinyl floors lacking the original shine? Are scuff marks visible?  When your vinyl floors need a deep clean or redo, you can count on Gemini Steemers! We go above and beyond to restore the mill finish of your vinyl. Over time, loose dirt scratches the finished surface that often attracts large amounts of grime - becoming even harder to keep clean. While most surface dirt can be removed with regular mopping, build-up of dirt and layer protection removal can still occur. When this happens, restoring your vinyl floors can be a $$ saving investment.

Paint . Varnish . Old Finish Removal

$200.00 Minimum Charge

500 square feet   – $175.00

1000 square feet – $350.00

1500 square feet – $525.00

2000 square feet – $700.00

Clean and Buff – $0.35/Sq. Ft.

Wax Removal, clean & Refinish – $0.45/Sq. Ft.


  500 square feet – $225.00

1000 square feet – $450.00

1500 square feet – $675.00

2000 square feet – $900.00

Paint Removal

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