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* Extending the Life of Your Investment

* Selecting the Right Carpet

A carpet’s life will be governed by many factors, starting with the selection process that must take both aesthetic and performance considerations into account. Once selected, nothing will work to extend the life of your carpet more than a carefully planned and conscientious program of maintenance. In addition to protecting your investment, regular maintenance will enhance the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet, thus providing a healthy environment for your occupants. Gemini Steemers has years of carpet maintenance experience, and we are committed to sharing our valuable knowledge with our customers.

The most diligently planned maintenance program will not overcome a poor choice of carpet, and careful consideration should be given during the selection process to both volume and patterns of foot traffic that will be tracked through the facility, as well as varying soil types which may be governed by factors such as geographic location and weather conditions. Since traffic flow is generally distributed unevenly throughout a home, particular attention must be given to critical areas such as stairs, hallways and front door entrances. The choice of carpet construction (e.g. loop pile versus cut pile), fiber (e.g. wool versus nylon), color (e.g. light shades versus dark shades), and pattern coverage (e.g. low pattern content versus high pattern content), will all combine to influence on how readily your carpet will show soil and retain an acceptable level of appearance.

One of the keys to preventive maintenance is instituting a maintenance program that is designed to keep your carpet looking good every day at a reasonable cost. A thorough maintenance program helps you schedule vacuuming, spot removal and deep cleaning when and where needed for clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day.

A beauty of carpet lies in its ability to hide soil. This however can work to its detriment, since soil hidden below the surface (invisible to the naked eye) will work over time to destroy the carpet fibers. Most soils contain high concentrations of sharp silicate particles, and if these particles are not removed, friction and abrasion caused by constant foot traffic will eventually cut through the carpet fibers, causing the carpet to mat down and flatten.


The following recommendations are provided to help prevent abrasive soil from damaging the carpet fibers, adding significantly to the life of your carpet:

A. Daily pile lifting & vacuuming

B. Spot and spill removal

C. Deep cleaning



* Maintenance Programs

* The Keys to Effective Maintenance


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