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NO Set-Up Fees!      
When it comes to carpet, urine is especially difficult to completely remove. As with any liquid, gravity pulls it down as far as it will go, deep into the carpet fibers or worse, the padding or sub-floor. Even if you remove the stain from the surface, old decaying urine filled with bacteria still lurks beneath. This could be a recipe for unpleasant odors down the road because after spot cleaning, the strong urine smell remains. The average homeowner has a hard time eliminating the urine smell out of their carpets is because urine doesn't stay wet for long. After soaking in, it quickly dries as a oily, wax-like substance that becomes almost impossible to get out. Fortunately for you, Gemini Steemers takes pride at removing stains and odors all while completely sanitizing the floor to the deepest layers.
Our Urine & Odor Elimination Process:
  • Identify the source of the problem by using UV black lighting.
  • Saturate the carpeting and padding with a mixture of live enzymes.
  • Allow live enzymes sufficient time to consume bacteria and urine salts and then extract deep-set contaminates from padding and carpeting.
  • Saturate carpet a second time with spotting agents to remove urine stains.
  • Extract spotting agents from carpeting and padding.
  • NOTE:  Once enzymes are applied to pet urine, the process of total elimination of the pungent off-gassing of bacteria can take up to several days for the total elimination of odor.




We offer two types of pet odor removal. The more cost effective of the two options is the topical odor removal, however; as you'll read below if your pet has used a specific area multiple times we'll need to use a more invasive approach to remove the source of the odor.


NOTE: Please be advised that Gemini Steemers WILL CHARGE A FEE OF $10.00 PER ANIMAL POOP if we have to clean it up. There is no additional charge if animal feces is embedded in the carpet fibers.

   $40.00 Per Area

 Pet Hair Removal:
   NO Power Scrub Fees!       
NO Waste Fees! 
Removing pet hairs from your upholstery or carpets can be a real challenge. We use a counter rotation brush method to extract pet hair from your carpet fibers 100% guaranteed! 
We extract pet hair from your upholstery too!
We can provide pet hair removal only if you prefer. Our minimum service charge is $99.00
We accept cash:
All pet stain and odor removal services include:
UV Black Light Detection
Urine Pre-Conditioning 
FREE Deodorizer!
 CALL US: 780.807.2949
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