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Professional Carpet Cleaning 


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We Provide Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning is one of our most popular services with exceptional cleaning results every time! The carpets inside your home are subjected to heavy duty, daily use, especially around high traffic areas near the front door and the hallways. It doesn’t take long for carpets to become dirty and start showing signs of soiling. Conventional carpet cleaning is hardly the best way to clean and maintain your carpets as it takes a lot of time, doesn’t give the best cleaning results and generally ends up costing you more. Instead, we can provide you with top level, professional carpet cleaning guaranteed to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible without exposing your carpets to risk of damage. The professional carpet cleaning methods we use are perfectly suitable for all types of synthetic and natural carpets.

* We Guarantee FAST DRY TIMES With Our Carpet Cleaning Service!             

Carpet Cleaning Edmonton

Polyester   .  Olefin  .  Nylon  .  Wool 


No Energy Fees!


No Waste Fees!


No Power Scrub Fees!


Fees? What Fees?...Gemini Steemers goes above and beyond to SAVE YOU MONEY! Our No Fees policy is a step in the right direction on your behalf, to save you even more! Where other companies attach hidden fees in their fine print, we remain transparent, giving power back to the people with our No Fees policy!


"I cannot say enough about the wonderful service Gemini Steemers provides. From the very first consultation, Scott was informative, thoughtful and skilled. It was truly a pleasure doing business with him. Scott managed to bring 7+ year old carpets back to new condition. It’s very eye opening to see what a good cleaning can remove from your carpets! I will call Gemini Steemers anytime I need my carpets or upholstery cleaned in the future!

Thanks Scott!"


Read Our                      Customer Reviews!


How We Clean

The cleaning begins with a detailed vacuum of the entire carpet in order to remove large bits of dirt and dust stuck between the fibers. Next, we apply the appropriate cleaning solution which in most cases is a high grade pre-spray which cleans all the way to the bottom layer of the carpet. We follow this step with a CRB Power Scrub often never experienced on most carpets. The final step is our seven flush hot water extraction followed by a burst of deodorizer!

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning


Low moisture carpet cleaning is a relatively new alternative to conventional carpet cleaning that can yield excellent results on all types of synthetic and natural fiber carpets when done correctly. Low moisture cleaning has many advantages, the main one being the short dry time it provides. Dry cleaning allows for carpets to be ready to walk on in about thirty to forty minutes (depending on the ambient room temperature and relative humidity inside the home).

After a thorough vacuum process, we apply a high grade pre-spray that breaks the surface tension of the dry soil. We then use an orbital machine to take up the suspended soil followed by one of our several deodorizer scents.  


We Use the Rotovac Bonzer for Hot Water Extraction

Gemini Steemers takes pride in performing every job with state of the art equipment. The Bonzer double cleans your carpet by capturing and delivering all the power our truckmount can generate. Seven spray jets are completely encapsulated under the manifold to ensure that no steam or heat escapes the cleaning zone. Why settle for outdated equipment in your home when you can take it to infinity and beyond!





* ROTOVAC 360i


We Can Remove Pet Stains and Odors


Pet stains can ruin even the best looking home. Luckily, here at Gemini Steemers, we offer all the services you need, from deep carpet and area rug cleaning to upholstery and mattress cleaning. Dealing with odors is just as challenging as dealing with spots/stains unless you book our team of professionals, who will deal with the issue in no time, leaving your home clean and fresh.

* Pet Odor Enzyme Treatment $39.99 

* Pet Urine Removal!

* Feces Removal!

CRB Power Scrub Service

Our Counter Rotating Brush Machine (CRB) does it all! The counter rotating brushes allow for a deeper clean than other traditional carpet cleaning methods. Our power scrub process removes pet hair, dirt, debris and all other particles that a regular vacuum wouldn’t be able to pick up. The rotating brushes move counterclockwise together, trapping and absorbing the dirt that is deep in the carpet fiber and the best part's a FREE service included in your cleaning! 


Scotchgard Protection                                         

GS Spray & Walk Away!

Scotchgard bonds to the fibers of your carpet or upholstery and acts as a powerful protectant against spills. Although a water-based solvent, it reflects both water and oil-based liquid spills. As Scotchgard is applied, it saturates the carpet from the fiber tip to the fiber base and creates a sealant that prevents stains from soaking into the fibers. The spills and dirt remain on the tips of the carpet so they are more easily cleaned. Even when time passes and the stains dry, removing them will be even easier. The good news is that we are supplied and ready to serve you with the best stain protectors on the market!

Our Hydrogen Peroxide Spotter

removes organic stains FAST!


8 oz Bottle (1)-02.png





                     Pet Stains


                     Food Stains

* See Our Price List

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Carpet and Upholstery cleaning





We provide services to:


* Note: Additional charges may apply for apartment and condominiums.

Gemini Steemers unique Bonnet/Power Scrub low moisture cleaning is our staple technique often used for our hi-rise condominiums or apartment building services.  

It is classified as a “dry” method since it does not     make use of water for cleaning purposes.  

This method is combined with an effective,       low PH pre-spray that suspends the captured

soil, ready for agitation with a Brush   Pro  17 CRB machine. You'll love the         results and fast dry time this method  

When working on high-rise buildings, condominiums and apartments, unfortunately, we're unable to use a truck mount system. Although truck mounts use positive displacement vacuum pumps that enable them to clean several hundred feet away from the unit with minimal loss of power, they are not recommended for use at these long distances, as the hoses start to lose pressure once they reach 150 feet. Therefore, a low moisture encapsulation cleaning method will suffice in these situations.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Your Cleaning Solutions Safe For my Home, Family and Pets?
Absolutely.  Our non toxic gentle cleaning solution deep cleans your carpet while being friendly to our environment.  We take great pride In being  an Eco- Friendly  Company.

How Does Your Company Handle Animal Feces and Urine?

We provide a decontamination enzyme process for these situations. However, please be advised that Gemini Steemers WILL CHARGE A FEE OF $10.00 PER ANIMAL POOP if we have to clean it up. There is no additional charge if animal feces is embedded in the carpet fibers.

How Long Will my Carpet Take to Dry?
After our peerless clean service, carpets are left just slightly damp to the touch. Most carpets usually dry in 4-5 hours. However  any  areas that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry. If drying time is a concern, we  can take  special steps to try to speed this process  up for you. You  are  able to walk on the carpet right after the cleaning. However, we  recommend putting on a clean pair of slippers.


Does Your Cleaning Include Stain Removal?
Yes. Our service includes treating for all spots and stains that have not dyed the fibers of your carpet. Red dye stains and pet stains are examples of stains that can dye or discolor carpets permanently. Our services provide ONE FREE SPOT REMOVAL and $15.00 per spot for every other spot or stain.


Can You Treat Pet Stains and Pet Odor Issues?
Yes. Our exclusive treatments eliminate urine deposits deep in  your carpet. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your carpets fresh and sanitized. In severe cases, we can also treat the padding under the carpet.


Is my Price Based on Square Footage?
No. Our prices are based on rooms or areas. Areas are defined as: hallways, stairs, bedrooms, living/dining rooms, basements and closets. We charge a flat rate of $45.00 per area.

Does your cleaning include furniture moving?
Our  services, unfortunately, do not include furniture removal. With  larger items that can not be moved, we can clean right up against the items without touching it. So, there will be no borders where we did and did not clean.  If  possible,  we  do  ask  that you remove any breakables from these items before our arrival.

Move Ins and        
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
* Carpets 
* Tile & Grout
* Wood Floors

Moving isn’t easy, but the last thing you need to worry about is getting those floors cleaned. Leave it to the professionals at Gemini Steemers to take care of your move-in / move-out floor cleaning needs!

Whether you’re a renter moving out or a landlord with a new tenant on the way, a very detailed move-in and move-out cleaning is important. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that you have a property that is able to be put back on the market and rented/sold as soon as possible!


We Provide Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Services for Edmonton . Sherwood Park . St. Albert . Leduc . Fort Saskatewan   Spruce Grove  Stony Plain  .  Beaumont


Payments Accepted:                                  


(780) 807-2949


Gemini Steemers is a owner/operator Based Company Located in Edmonton, Alberta 

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