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Carpet . Tile & Grout . Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Carpet . Tile & Grout . Hardwood Floor Cleaning



 Condos . Duplexes . Apartments . Lofts

When working on high-rise buildings, condominiums and apartments, unfortunately, we're unable to use a truck mount system. Although truck mounts use positive displacement vacuum pumps that enable them to clean several hundred feet away from the unit with minimal loss of power, they are not recommended for use at these long distances, as the hoses start to lose pressure once they reach 150 feet. Therefore, a low moisture encapsulation cleaning method will suffice in these situations.

Gemini Steemers unique Bonnet/Power Scrub low moisture cleaning is our staple technique often used for our hi-rise condominiums or apartment building services. It is classified as a “dry” method since it does not     make use of water for cleaning purposes. This method is combined with an effective, low PH pre-spray that suspends the captured​ soil with a cotton bonnet pad. You'll love the results and fast dry time this method produces!

$150.00 service minimum for apts. & condos

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